As the game continually expands there are more and more countries throughout the world that are looking for visiting teams from the UK.

Touring events can prove to be great cultural experiences and as well as making lasting contacts and friendships, going on tour will also help support the development of the game in the host country.

Touring countries and overseas associations looking for regular touring sides include:

Wales, Scotland, France, Russia, Germany, Serbia, Lebanon, Jamaica

Wales, Scotland, France, Russia, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Malta, Greece, Italy, Ukraine, Morocco, South Africa, USA, Serbia, Jamaica, Canada, Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark

All clubs, leagues, organisations (Armed Forces, BARLA, Student RL) and members of organisations, who intend to arrange an international match or international exchange must seek permission from the RFL.

Before the RFL can sanction the proposed international match/exchange, an international application form must be completed and written permission is required from the National Governing Body of the foreign club/league who wish to host the tour. In the case of a club application, a letter of support is also required from the regional playing league where the team is a member.

This information should be lodged with the RFL no less than three months prior to the intended tour date. The tour is sanctioned when written verification from the RFL has been received by the applicant.

If organisations submit the information less than three months before the intended tour then the RFL may not be able to sanction the tour. The Chair of the respective organisation will be required to provide an explanation as to why permission has not been sought earlier.  

No firm commitment for incoming or outgoing tours should be entered into prior to written permission being received.

There are four stages to signing off applications:

Stage One – Is to agree in principle the concept of the tour. This will require the applicant to present the outline of the arrangement and the outline agreement of their host or visiting organisation. This should include written exchanges between the hosts, tourists, RFL, RLIF and the RLEF. There must be written approval from the RLEF/RLIF as appropriate that the tour is compliant with the policies of the organisations i.e. an appropriate level of competition between the two teams.

Stage Two – Receive in principle approval via the RFL. At this stage a press release can be issued to confirm the tour.  

Stage Three – Travel arrangements can now be confirmed with the official application form completed. This should include the following documentation:-

  • Itinerary, (including flight details, free time, training etc)
  • Confirmation of who is responsible for the financial aspects of the tour including a budget    
  • List of Players Names, (including date of births/Clubs)
  • List of Personnel travelling, (including their roles) 
  • List of Coaches, (including their ID Numbers) 
  • CRB checks completed on all adults travelling (If Under 18’s)
  • Child Welfare Plan, (including ratio of adults to children touring)(If Under 18’s)
  • Risk Assessment completed – copy attached                                          
  • Copy of Insurance Policy

Stage Four – Submit a report on the tour.

There are different forms to complete depending on the purpose of the tour, these are available to download below.

Club Tour

Club Tour (0.05mb)

School Tour

School Tour (0.05mb)


For more information contact the RFL’s Community Game Services department on 0844 477 7113 (Option 4) or via e-mail at

Alternatively you can get in touch with:

Danny Kazandjian
M 07983 477429

Tas Baitieri