#Asktheref 13th August

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Richard Silverwood - Widnes Vikings v Castleford Tigers

Rich Silverwood

RT @CraigKnight_ Can you please teach Richard Silverwood the offside rule, he was shocking today missing massive offsides for both teams.

. @CraigKnight_ There were offsides but both teams were going upfield with ease so lots of management and discretion had to be used. RS


RT @urbanorange Why are grapple tackles never penalised anymore? I've lost count of the times I've seen players wrestled to floor in armlock.

. @urbanorange To be honest I haven't seen many grapples in games now, I feel it’s an area that's been cleaned up. RS


RT @markill how do you feel when you see a big decision back that you clearly made the wrong call on? Will it change how you ref next game?

. @markill It makes you even more determined to get things right next time. RS


RT @Gricey1980 Has any thought gone into having a video referee at every game in the future, rather than just the televised ones? #AskTheRef

. @Gricey1980 We would love that to happen but that's out of our hands as it comes down to finances. RS


RT @DavidBolan1 if the shoulder charge is outlawed surely it should be a sinbin offence?

. @DavidBolan1 A shoulder charge is only a penalty unless contact is made with head. RS


RT @domoddy you stopped penalising attacking players pushing at the play the ball? Start of season agenda gone. #Inconsistent

. @domoddy I can't recall penalties for that at start of season nor now so no shift in thought.  Unless clearly move off mark or their actions clearly effect markers then we play on. RS

Phil Bentham - Bradford Bulls v Catalan Dragons

Phil Bentham

RT @Bulls1989 the cheap shot on lestrange by Brent Webb totally missed. Explain that one Bentham? #asktheref

. @Bulls1989 i'll answer it despite the tone of your question not deserving an answer. Both players were guilty of push and shove

. @Bulls1989 which is why I pulled them both out at the next stoppage to speak to them. PB


RT @GeordieBull22 can pb explain how he could allow catalans to have 7 tackles in lead up to 3rd try.

. @GeordieBull22 I didn't. There was a zero tackle awarded in that set after a Bradford knock on. All tackle counts were correct. PB


RT @liamarcher93 Phil Bentham explain why Bradfords quick taps were constantly taken back? When Catalans weren't? #Confused.

. @liamarcher93 The ball was passed to Kear on the first one so that makes it a controlled restart. Two others were taken off the cross as was one of Catalans, all 3 sent back. PB


RT @liamarcher93 Can Phil Bentham please explain how he can justify sin binning Brett Kearney, when Catalans were holding down all game?

. @liamarcher93 It was from a 50 metre break by Whitehead and ruled a professional foul. PB


RT @bulls2487 in the bulls Catalans game first try for Catalans Kear grounds ball. And then Catalan player touches down. Why was this a try?

. @bulls2487 Kear didn't ground the ball so it was a try. PB

James Child - Wigan Warriors v Huddersfield Giants

James Child

RT @sporttherapy Wig V Hudds 42:09 blatant forward pass by Robinson in front of JC, missed. Ref's making a hard job even harder for themselves

. @sporttherapy I wouldn’t say it was blatant, but agree it was forward. JC


RT @sporttherapy Wigan V Hudds 32:44 mins, stamp by Lauaki. How was this missed by JC?

. @sporttherapy It wasn’t missed. I felt his leg had become tangled & wasn’t sure if it was accidental or deliberate.

. @sporttherapy As no contact was made I played on.  Match Review Panel agreed. JC


RT @domoddy why can refs not interpret high tackles? Cudjoe's was not. Hampshire (?) slipped through his arms whilst falling to the ground.

. @domoddy Hampshire does surrender, but contact is still made by Cudjoe on his head so penalty correct. JC


RT @CailCookland why wasent luaki put on report for a late shoulder charge and the week before the catalan player was #asktheref

. @CailCookland I was happy that the point of contact was not to the head so penalty sufficient. Match Review Panel agreed. JC 

Tim Roby -

Tim Roby

RT @WireTillIDie95 Wire vs Wakefield 78 min, wire ground the ball for a try but, Roby brings it back for penalty why not advantage try? #AskTheRef

. @WireTillIDie95 Foward pass from Hodgson. Penalty for first offence of shoulder-charge by Lauititi in the lead-up. TR


RT @Ollie1604 9:40 mins left of 1st half, ratchford is tackled, wakey player holds on to him, penalty to wakey for what reason?

. @Ollie1604 Penalty was for Ratchford trapping the tackler's leg. TR


RT @chazahkr172 why cant you go to the screen for forward passes ??

. @chazahkr172 Different angles are very deceptive on passes and replays can't always prove whether a pass is forward or not. TR


RT @Smilerbull can you clarify if its the front foot or back foot to be in line with the ref to be onside? #asktheref

. @Smilerbull Defenders should have both feet back with the ref or be on the goal-line. TR


RT @gibs25WRL I asked last week and ill ask again this week. Don't 'flop' exist anymore? Really blatant ones going unpunished.

. @gibs25WRL Flop is where a defender joins the tackle after it's complete. This is still an offence but doesn't happen much these days. TR