#Asktheref 28th May

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Robert Hicks – Castleford Tigers v Wakefield Wildcats

Rob Hicks

RT @glennscott24 do you find the cameras you wore affected your concentration #AskTheRef #magicweekend

. @glennscott24 Felt different at first but it actually wasn’t too intrusive.Because I was focused on the match I didn’t really notice it.RH

RT @MrCraigFarrell if referee obstructs a defender from making a tackle and attacking team score through that channel, what would be outcome?

. @MrCraigFarrell (1/2) Try. A referee has to be stood somewhere and the onus is on the defender to avoid.

. @MrCraigFarrell (2/2) However, we all work hard to try and ensure we stay out of the line of players. RH

RT @joe_foxon If a player asks for the tee on a penalty, but doesn't say that he's kicking for goal, does he still have to? #asktheref

. @joe_foxon (1/2) A player only has to inform the referee if he is going for goal not in any other circumstance.

. @joe_foxon (2/2) However, he cannot use a tee to kick for touch it must either be out of his hands or off the ground

RT @howdah how are the match referees selected for the games?

. @howdah MO Coaches meet every week after reviewing games & select refs according to criteria; including experience, performance & form. RH

Tim Roby - Catalan Dragons v London Broncos

Tim Roby

RT @JackPSlater Thought Tim Roby had a great game Lon v Catal today from a neutral (widnes), spoton energetic and confident decisions, welldone

. @JackPSlater Thanks, positive comments are always appreciated! TR

RT @chris426105 Are match officials tested for drugs and alcohol?

. @chris426105 No, thankfully. TR

RT @DaveJagger Isn't a late challenge automatic sin bin @RFLReferees ?

. @DaveJagger No, the mandatory sin bin was removed this year. Can still use bin or dismissal if warranted. TR

RT @Chunksoulbro can the ref's refer a bad tackle to the TMO? As I don't understand putting players on report if they can!

. @Chunksoulbro Can use VR to clarify on-field officials’ details, eg point of contact. Use On report when these details aren't clear. TR

Ben Thaler - Hull FC V Hull KR

Ben Thaler

RT @jamesp1987 could the on field referee have overruled the video ref decision for Green's try?

. @jamesp1987 No once a call is handed to the video referee his call cant be over turned by on field officials. BT

RT @LUFCRaph leading to hull fcs 3rd try a knock on was given against Graham Horne but Ben Thaler said head and feed to HKR? #asktheref

. @LUFCRaph TJ J.Child called accidental offside. Ball hits Horne & then hits Hall who is stood in front of him. Great spot from the TJ. BT

RT @PaulFletcher14 Is a knock on not a knock on when offending player runs past the ball (McDonnell 74mins)? #asktheref

. @PaulFletcher14 doesnt matter what offending player does.If ball goes forward from where it was played then it will be given as knockon.BT

RT @Nigglenoggle Can you tell me what constitutes a double movement? Hulls first try was a perfect example

. @Nigglenoggle (1/2) Where a player deliberately moves the ball forward with a tackler on him and the ball carry arm already on the floor.

. @Nigglenoggle (2/2) In this case he broke the tackle and at no point was he held and he slides over the line in one momentum. BT

RT @harrymcgowan why was mark o'meeley penalised for his tackle on con milka? Didn't look high to me and wasn't a shoulder charge.

. @harrymcgowan There’s contact with head. In footage the arm (not shoulder) bounces off the chect & then hits the Mika in the head area! BT

RT @joe_foxon Was the Hull KR full back judged to have touched the ball on the offside incident? #asktheref

. @joe_foxon No it is simply the case that the Video Referee got this decision wrong. BT

 the video referee in tracking players for offside, tracked the wrong player, the outcome been a try awarded incorrectly

Richard Silverwood - Leeds Rhinos v Wigan Warriors

Rich Silverwood

RT @LiverpoolFC2011 it looked like richards missed his conversion, why did they touch judge and the referee not go to the video referee?

. @LiverpoolFC2011 You can't on conversions. TJs are sole judges of conversions unless we have 1 up, 1 down - then referee decides. RS

RT @Hinchley86 13th min Leeds v Wigan shoulder charge on Sinfield caught on headcam- why only a pen #asktherefs

. @Hinchley86 Shoulder charges are only a penalty unless contact with head which there wasn't. RS

RT @keats_rhinos according to rfl rules obstruction is when a defending player is impeded this did not happen in the @DannyMcguire6 try explain?

. @keats_rhinos  Rules state you can’t run behind your own man in close proximity to the defensive line which is what happened. RS

RT @leehill78 Why was Tomkins allowed well over a minute to take the kick at goal?

.@leehill78 Time was called off when i ordered Richards from field.Time then goes back on & Tomkins takes 1 minute which he’s entitled to.RS

RT @davidstringer99 how can a player be allowed on the pitch with an open wound on his face?

. @davidstringer99 He was ordered off & 4th official did say stay off until cleaned up. But he walked back on only to be ordered of again.RS

RT @tiptopcashew First two Wigan tries v Leeds looked like there were forward passes. Your opinion after review?

. @tiptopcashew  Both are flat passes. Just the same as Leeds 1st try and Watkins to Vickery for his try. RS

Phil Bentham – St Helens v Warrington Wolves

Phil Bentham

RT @Callum_Brogan why was Briers try v Sts allowed to stand? Agreed Carvell didn't obstruct but did Westwood prevent a tackle being made?

. @Callum_Brogan Westwood’s entitled to be there.He’s behind & in position to receive pass. Percival goes to tackle him so no obstruction.PB

RT @_TomLee_ saints 3rd try, debatable grounding of ball by Turner? Saints 4th try, forward pass by Percival in the build up?

. @_TomLee_ Having reviewed the grounding by Turner it was a try. Pass in build up to Percival try does looks forward. PB

RT @Scorchio442 Why didnt PB refer Turners 2nd 'try' to video ref? Could he clearly see the grounding? #AskTheRef

. @Scorchio442 I couldn't see grounding from where I was stood but TJ had a good view and correctly called it was a try. PB

RT @Stevo1969 Why didnt Bentham give a penalty to Saints when Turner was "dragged" into touch.

. @Stevo1969 (1/2) Interpretation is that we call held when player is identified to be dragging. Penalty awarded if he continues after call.

. @Stevo1969 (2/2) In this case the tackle started close to the touchline so I could have only called held once they were in touch. PB

RT @CJCShadowsan Why not allow the coach/captain to challenge 1 call per game? If the call stands, the result is a sin bin? #FreshIdeas

. @CJCShadowsan (1/2) I think we have a pretty good open attitude towards captains clarifying or challenging decisions currently.

. @CJCShadowsan (2/2) to limit it to one with a sin bin resulting if they're wrong would be a step backwards. PB

James Child - Bradford Bulls v Huddersfield Giants

James Child

RT @lukey_mawson Why was Kear's try ruled out against Huddersfield? Langley wasn't interfering why does it matter?

.@lukey_mawson  (1/2) Langley offside & within 10m of catcher waiting for the ball.Policy dictates that as he’s within 10m he’s interfering.

.@lukey_mawson  (2/2) Langley must recognise he’s offside or respond to ref’s prompt & retreat or the kicker should place him. JC

RT @lukey_mawson Purtell looked to be obstructed in the air challenging for Grix try in 1st half. Why was it not ruled out?

.@lukey_mawson Contact is incidental.Cudjoe’s competing for ball-contact inevitable. If he’d not gone for ball then it would be a penalty.JC

RT @benmason2377 is the dominant tackle rule still operating. Don't seem to see it anymore #asktheref

.@benmason2377 Yes–2 types of dominant–when attacker is knocked immediately backwards in tackle or attacker slips & is then tackled. JC

RT @MartL1 What happens if you say go for goal but from the place kick, kick the ball in to touch?

. @MartL1 Assuming ball was accidentally kicked into touch having aimed for goal then it would be a free kick (2nd phase). JC

Ian Smith - Championship Matches

Ian Smith

RT @jamescunni in the Hunslet Batley game one kick hit the top of post. One TJ gave it one didn't, does the ref decide #asktheref

.@jamescunni In ‘1up 1down’ situations, ref has final call. In this instance the ref felt ball clipped the top of post & deflected inside.IS

RT @MartL1 Shef v Fax, Halifax try ruled off for offside looked onside and Shef try Yere looks offside not given, right calls?

. @MartL1 Unfortunately the match dvd for that game will not arrive until weds this week. I will have a look at both decisions to review. IS