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Home nations to build on RLWC2013 success

17th of November 2013
Home nations to build on RLWC2013 success

Ireland, Scotland and Wales looking to build on World Cup success as full members of the RLEF and RLIF

The RFL has reaffirmed its commitment to helping Ireland, Scotland and Wales maximise the opportunities generated by their involvement in the most successful Rugby League World Cup of all time.

In a coordinated strategy, the RFL has invested over £2.3million in Ireland, Scotland and Wales since 2009 to help them develop the sport within the Celtic nations and build for RLWC2013, which is on track to deliver record profits that will benefit the game internationally.

“The RFL’s investment in Ireland, Scotland and Wales has been critical to all three nations participating in RLWC2013, a tournament that has fired the imaginations of people across the UK and around the world,” said RFL Chief Operating Officer Ralph Rimmer.

“Our commitment to working with all three nations to help them capitalise on the unprecedented profile that RLWC2013 has given them remains strong.

“The RFL will continue to provide what practical help it can to assist Ireland, Scotland and Wales as the sport heads into an exciting new era at international level.

“Through a variety of agencies, including the Rugby League European Federation and the Rugby League International Federation – of which they are all full members - and their own governments, all three nations now have access to funding sources that allow them to build on the solid foundations that have been laid down in the last four years.”

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