How We Work


About our work we are developing the sport through focusing on our key objectives, simplifying systems, improving performance, managing cost and continuing to develop a world class team.

We have documented behaviours or competencies, which include

Customer Service

Seeking to identify the needs of a wide range of customers both internal and external and focusing energy and effort on meeting their needs. Taking personal responsibility for problems or queries and ensuring the matter is resolved satisfactorily. Being polite and courteous and developing rapport with people, and using our own judgement to ensure customer needs are met.

Continuous Improvement and Creativity

Seeking to continuously improve our organisational performance and to improve our job related skills and knowledge by striving to ensure adherence to the RFL's standards and administrative procedures.


Communicating effectively, both verbally and in writing. Seeking other viewpoints and encouraging contributions, whilst ensuring information is communicated in a clear, concise and easily understood manner.

Planning and Organising

Going the extra mile to achieve our goals and tasks, encouraging the contribution of others and monitoring our performance against the RFL objectives.

Leadership and Personal Impact

Developing positive working relationships with all our colleagues, offering advice and assistance when required, sharing knowledge and experience. Demonstrating professional conduct and appearance, commitment to personal development and getting things done !


Employment Awards