Assembly Information

Tackle IT! Assembly Plan

Resources required:

  • Computer/ Projector/screen/interactive whiteboard / sound
  • Suite of 7 Tackle IT! posters (resource 1) hung on wall in assembly hall
  • Tackle IT! DVD (resource 2)
  • Assembly CD (resource 3)
  • Assembly PowerPoint presentation (resource 4)
  • Assembly plan (resource 5)
  • Club presenter, player / mascot or teacher.

Key messages from assembly:

  • RL says no to discrimination and abuse
  • RL values and celebrates diversity
  • Importance of reporting any unacceptable behaviour or language throughout the sport.


This assembly should take 20 minutes to complete, however given that some schools have shorter assembly times it is possible to reduce the assembly to 10 minutes by including the introduction and playing the DVD. Whilst we hope that the whole school will be able to watch the DVD the assembly plan could also be used successfully in a small class or tutorial setting. The assembly plan can be used in isolation to raise awareness of the importance of equality and diversity through the vehicle of Rugby League or as part of the Tackle IT! education pack providing an opportunity to explore the issues in depth.

Assembly delivery

As pupils are entering the hall play the assembly cd (resource 3) which has a selection of high energy Rugby League music used at games alternating with Rugby League commentary (repeat if necessary until all pupils are sitting down). When pupils are all quiet play RESPECT message used at game.

Tackle IT! PowerPoint presentation (resource  4) – play PowerPoint slide show:

  • Welcome and introduction by club representative player and mascot or teacher. Explain that the music and RESPECT message is played at all Rugby League games and is our code of conduct for acceptable behaviour on and off the pitch.
  • Explain that today we are talking about the Rugby League Tackle IT! programme so that you all understand how important Equality and Diversity is to our sport.  As you can see the Tackle IT! programme comprises the posters you see displayed here: point to each and describe (resource 1);

- Zero tolerance message regarding any discrimination or abuse based on the 6 main equality strands represented on each tackle bag

- Sarah Bennison – Women - RL highest ranking female match official

- Anthony Sullivan – Race – Rugby League player and coach & his father Clive was the first black captain of any UK sports team

- Ryan Owens – Disability - deaf touch rugby player and former academy player

- David Solomona – Faith – a devout Christian and former Warrington Wolves player now coaching in Australia

- Ramsden family – Age - 3 generations of Bradford Bulls fans

- Mitch Stringer – Sexual Orientation – a straight Sheffield Eagles player committed to tackling homophobia.

  •  We are now going to have a fun activity that we would like you all to join;

We want all of you to put your hand up and we will call out a list of simple statements if they are true for you put your hand down – we will carry on until there are only a few people left with their hands up.

- Hand down if you have blond hair

- Hand down if your birthday is in September, October or November

- Hand down if you wear contact lenses or glasses

- Hand down if you have freckles

- Hand down  if you are male

- Hand down if you are right handed

- Hand down if you are attended church, synagogue temple or mosque at the weekend

- Hand down if you enjoy playing sport.

 (add some other statements if you still have lots of students with their hands up, stop before you get to just a single student so they don’t feel vulnerable).

Provide an explanation as to why we included this activity:

This activity demonstrated how each of you share some things in common with others and in other areas are different. Whilst it is important that we value and respect difference we should also remember that it is equally important to look for things we have in common with others. Despite all the differences highlighted in today’s activity one thing that you all have in common that brings you together is that you are all part of this school (give name of school) it’s the same within Rugby League, ours is a sport that welcomes people whatever their background as players, coaches, match officials, volunteers, clubs staff and working for the governing body. And as you will see from the film we are about to show you whilst we celebrate and value the diversity within our sport we also remember that what unites all the people in the DVD is the sport of Rugby League.

  • Play DVD (resource 2)
  • When DVD has finished ask pupils what they thought of it – if anyone has any questions
  • Thanks from presenter to school for inviting us to share your assembly and to the pupils for listening and contributing. We look forward to seeing the work you produce over the next few weeks around this important issue and hope you find the activities planned thought provoking and that it triggers some interesting discussions.
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