Lesson One


  • To know the key values/ messages of the Tackle IT!! programme
  • To identify the 6 main equality strands and provide examples of each
  • To know what is discrimination and the potentially negative impact of stereotyping
  • To be able to empathise with others and value difference
  • To identify a range of information relating to each poster.

Lesson 1- Plan


A-Z of Rugby League

Each pupil starts to complete the grid as soon as they arrive.

Resource 7 - 1 sheet per child + pen



Play DVD and using Tackle IT! Key Message, Resource 5, complete the questions then review answers.

DVD Resource 2

DVD player & screen

Resource 8 - one between two + pen

Activity 1

Who am I? Provide one photo per group of 2-4 each group answers questions posed by teacher using the photos as their only frame of reference.

Resource 9 - Copies of sets of photos

Resource 10 - Who am I teacher notes

Plenary 1

Review answers given by each group and compare similarities between informal and formal photo. Teacher provides answers then discussion on the implications of making assumptions based on stereotypes.

White board to record answers

Activity 2

Tackle IT! Posters. Divide class into 2’s, 3’s or 4’s.  Hand out one of the posters to each group and ask them to answer the questions about their poster (please note scenarios are for lesson 2).

Resource 11 - Enough copies of each of the 6 posters for one between each group

Resource 6 – Rugby League Factfile so students can find answers to questions


Plenary 2

Each group summarises key points of interest from their group poster and shares with the rest of the class.



Review objectives and then complete evaluation grid.

Resource 12 – evaluation sheet + pen

Tackle IT