Lesson Three

Lesson 3 Objectives

  • To be able to understand the importance of not making assumptions based on stereotypes
  • To be able to discuss sporting stereotypes in relation to gender, race and sexual orientation
  • To be able to identify how stereotypes are formed and perpetuated
  • To understand the potential consequences of sporting stereotypes and assumptions.

Lesson 3 Lesson plan


One thing you didn’t know about me – an activity designed to explore assumptions made regarding their peers and what information each individual chooses to reveal to his / her peers.

Small piece of paper and pen for each student and a hat or bag to put the completed slips into.

Teacher notes Resource 21


Activity 1

Exploring Sports stereotypes – an activity explore sporting stereotypes based on gender, sexual orientation and race.

Print off the sheet of sports and cut out. Resource 22.

Flip chart 1 divided into three columns with the headings male, female and neutral.

Flip chart 2 divided into three columns with the headings, white, black and Asian.

Teacher notes Resource 23


Discussion on the outcomes the activity and exploring how stereotypes are formed and perpetuated.



Evaluation form for each student. Resource 24

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