All Time Records


Most in a match

11 by George West (Hull Kingston Rovers) v Brookland Rovers (NU Challenge Cup) - 4 March 1905

Most in a season

80 by Albert Rosenfeld (Huddersfield) - 1913-14

Most in a career

796 by Brian Bevan (Warrington, Blackpool Borough) - 1945-46 to 1963-64 

Goals (including Drop Goals)

Most in a match

22 by Jim Sullivan (Wigan) v Flimby & Fothergill (RL Challenge Cup) - 14 February 1925

Most in a season

221 by David Watkins (Salford) - 1972-73

Most in a career

2,867 by Jim Sullivan (Wigan) - 1921-22 to 1945-46 

Drop Goals (Since reduced to one point in 1973)

Most Drop Goals in a match

5 by Danny Wilson (Swinton) v Hunslet (John Player Special) - 6 November 1983

Peter Wood (Runcorn Highfield) v Batley (League) - 21 October 1984

Paul Bishop (Warrington) at Wigan (Premiership Trophy semi-final) - 11 May 1986

Lee Briers (Warrington Wolves) at Halifax Blue Sox (Super League) - 25 May 2002

Most Drop Goals in a season

29 by Lyn Hallett (Cardiff City) - 1983-84

Most Drop Goals in a career

97 by Norman Turley (Warrington, Runcorn Highfield, Swinton, Blackpool Borough, Rochdale Hornets, Barrow, Workington Town, Trafford Borough, Whitehaven) 


Most in a match

56 (4t, 20g) by Chris Thorman (York City Knights) v Northumbria University (Carnegie Challenge Cup 3rd Round) - 6 March 2011

Most in a season

496 (36t, 194g) by Lewis Jones (Leeds) - 1956-57

Most in a career

6,220 (358t, 2,575g, including 4 one-point dg) by Neil Fox (Wakefield Trinity, Bradford Northern, Hull Kingston Rovers, York, Bramley, Huddersfield)  1955-56 to 1979-80

Longest scoring run

David Watkins scored in 92 consecutive matches for Salford from 19 August 1972 to 25 April 1974. He totalled 929 points from 41 tries and 403 goals. The record refers to scoring consecutively for one club and does not include representative matches.


Longest run

Keith Elwell made 242 consecutive appearances, including two as a substitute, for Widnes. The run started at Wembley in the 1977 RL Challenge Cup final against Leeds on 7 May. The hooker began every match from then until his run of starting appearances ended at 239 after he played in a Lancashire Cup-tie at home to St. Helens on 5 September 1982. He was dropped for the match at Featherstone Rovers a week later, but went on as a substitute. He also played as a substitute in the next match and then started at Hull on 26 September 1982, which ended his run of appearances. The record refers to consecutive appearances for one club and does not include representative matches.

Club Records

Highest score

Huddersfield 142 v Blackpool Gladiators 4 (Regal Trophy) - 26 November 1994

Widest margin

As above and Barrow 138 v Nottingham City 0 (Regal Trophy) - 27 November 1994

Highest score away

Swinton Lions 10 v Leeds Rhinos 106 (RL Challenge Cup) - 11 February 2001 (Also widest margin win on opponents ground, but Keighley Cougars beat Highfield 104-4 in an away League match played at Rochdale Hornets ground - 23 April 1995)

Most points in all matches in one season

1,735 by Wigan from 45 matches in 1994-95 as follows: 30 Division One - 1,148, 6 RL Challenge Cup - 230, 5 Regal Trophy - 170, 3 Premiership Trophy - 167, 1 Tour match (Australia) - 20

Most League points in a season

1,156 by Leigh from 34 Division Two matches - 1985-86, Huddersfield Giants from 28 Northern Ford Premiership matches - 2001-02

>Longest winning run in all matches

29 by Wigan from February to October 1987 as follows: 20 Division One, 3 Premiership Trophy, 4 Lancashire Cup, 1 Charity Shield, 1 World Club Challenge. Huddersfield Giants from February to October 2002 as follows: 19 Northern Ford Premiership, 8 Buddies National Cup, 2 NFP play-offs.

Longest unbeaten run in all matches

43*, including 2 draws, by Huddersfield from 1914 to 1919, a period interrupted by World War One. Huddersfield was unbeaten in the last 38 matches of 1914-15. Then after the war they won four Yorkshire Cup-ties in 1919 and their first League match of 1919-20. The unbeaten run consisted of 28 League matches, 8 Yorkshire Cup-ties, 5 Northern Union Challenge Cup-ties and 2 League championship play-offs. * In addition, Huddersfield was drawing 8-8 in a Yorkshire Cup-tie that was abandoned because of fog and replayed.

Longest winning run of League matches

(Also longest unbeaten run of League matches) 31 by Wigan. Last 8 matches of 1969-70 and first 23 of 1970-71 Hull won all of their 26 Division Two matches in 1978-79, the only time a club has won all of its League matches in a season. Huddersfield Giants were unbeaten in their 28 Northern Ford Premiership matches in 2001-02, but drew one match.

Longest losing run in all matches

61 by Runcorn Highfield from January 1989 to February 1991. The run consisted of 55 Division Two, 2 RL Challenge Cup-ties, 2 Regal Trophy, and 2 Lancashire Cup-ties.

Longest run without a win

75 (including 2 draws) by Runcorn Highfield from November 1988 to March 1991. The run consisted of 67 Division Two, 3 Challenge Cup-ties, 3 Regal Trophy, and 2 Lancashire Cup.

Longest losing run of League matches

55 by Runcorn Highfield from February 1988 to January 1991

Longest run without a win in League matches

67 (including 2 draws) by Runcorn Highfield from November 1988 to February 1991.

Lost all League matches in a season

Liverpool City - Lost 30* League 1906-07 2 Cup-ties, Broughton Rangers - 10 War Lancashire League 1940-41, 1 Cup-tie, Leigh - 13 War Lancashire League 1940-4, 1 Cup-tie, Bramley - 19 War Emergency League 1941-42, 4 Cup-ties, Runcorn Highfield - 28 Division Two 1989-90, 3 Cup-ties, Nottingham City - 26 Division Three 1991-92, 3 Cup-ties. 

* Also lost to Pontefract, but this match was expunged from League records after Pontefract disbanded. Liverpool drew against Bramley b