Operational Rules

Section B5: League 1 Cup Competition Rules


B5:1 The Competition shall be known as the League 1 Cup and the name shall be preceded by the name of such sponsor as the RFL may direct from time to time.

B5:2 The ownership, management and control of the Cup or such other competition if any as may in the future replace it shall be vested entirely and exclusively in the RFL and the Board shall, in its absolute discretion, deal with all matters connected with or arising out of the Cup (which are not specifically dealt with under the Operational Rules).

B5:3 All members of the RFL who are League 1 Clubs in a Season shall participate in the competition together with such other clubs or organisations as may be invited to do so by the Board from time to time. For the purpose of these Rules all references to “Clubs” shall include all participating clubs.

B5:4 All Clubs who participate in the League 1 Cup are deemed by acceptance of the invitation to participate in the Cup to be bound by the Laws of the Game and the Operational Rules and accept the jurisdiction of the RFL in relation to any breaches of the same.

B5:5 Without limiting B5:4, all League 1 Cup Matches shall be played in accordance with and Clubs shall comply with Section B4 of the Operational Rules with all references to the Challenge Cup being deemed to be references to the League 1 Cup except as set out below.

  1. (a) For all rounds of the League 1 Cup, it shall be an open draw. In each case the first drawn Club shall be the home Club.
  2. (b) The Final will be played on a neutral ground as directed by the Board.
  3. (c) Players may only play for one Club in the League 1 Cup in any Season.
  4. (d) Only Players correctly registered on the Friday immediately prior to the weekend scheduled for Round 2 (the quarter-finals) are eligible to play in Round 2, semi-finals or finals of the competition (where a game is played prior to the weekend ie Thursday or another mid-week night then for that game only players must be registered prior to the game concerned).
  5. (e) In the case of Dual Registered Players only players for whom a Dual Registration has been registered prior to the deadline in this B5:5 (d) and who has played (i.e. has been in the 17 man squad) in either Round 1 or Round 2 will be eligible to play in the semi-finals or the final for the Club in question.
  6. (f) The Challenge Cup Levy does not apply to this competition
  7. (g) Prize money will be paid following a Club’s elimination from the competition and will be paid subject to the Club abiding by the rules of the Competition. For the avoidance of doubt where a Club breaches the rules there will be financial penalties which will be deducted from the prize money;
  8. (h) The prize money schedule will be published by the Board from time to time;
  9. (i) A Cup and medals will be provided as directed by the Board from time to time.