Operational Rules

Section E15: Role of The Match Commissioner

The Match Commissioner is the RFL’s representative at each game and will report to the RFL and to the club concerned on any failure to meet the RFL Operational Rules or Codes of Conduct.

The Match Commissioner will facilitate successful compliant match day procedures in particular they shall:


Pre Match

- Arrive at the ground at least two hours prior to the kick off.

- Check pitch markings – both technical and sponsorship branding.

- Check bench lines are in place and sufficient seats are available in the bench.

- Check that there is three metres clearance all around the field between the touch line and any barriers (including cameras within 2m) and order any re-markings where required or order the pitch to be taken in to ensure that there is three metres clearance.

- Make contact with the GSO and agree communication policy

- Check that mandatory medical equipment is on site (by completing the form with the home team Doctor and carrying out spot checks on specific items.)

- Check that the away team dressing room including the shower & toilet is clean prior to their arrival.

- Check that the medical room is open and clean.

- Check that the match officials’ room is clean and that there is a no entry sign on the door.

- Check that the teams arrive on time and make a note of any issue with late arrivals.

- Check that the team sheets are handed in on time and are filled in correctly and the Doctor and Physio are listed on the home team sheet.

- Make the final decision on any player equipment issues.

- Ensure that teams are wearing kits as instructed by the RFL.

- Ensure the game kicks off on time.

- Check that the Timekeepers are present.

- Check that the correct match balls properly inflated are present.

- Be available to both coaches prior to the game.



- Ensure that the RFL central perimeter boards and LED Systems if relevant are not obstructed by ball boys/girls or team’s equipment at any time.

- Check that all players are correctly numbered at all times during the game.

- Check that there are not more than 13 persons in the bench area at any time. 

- Check that the on field policy relating to non playing personnel is followed.

- Check that the interchange procedure is carried out correctly.

- Check that the Codes of Conduct relating to Entertainers, Club Mascots, PA Announcers and Ball Boys/Girls are complied with.

- Check that photographers are wearing numbered bibs.

- Make a note of any crowd or spectator disturbances or other unacceptable behaviour by spectators. 

- Make a note of any serious injury to any player.

- Bring any relevant issues to the attention of the GSO or his nominated representative.


Post Match

- Be available to both coaches following the game seeing the coaches before they go to the press conference.

- Submit Post Match Report to the RFL.