Operational Rules

Section E18: Overseas Travel – Code Of Conduct For Squads

All Players, staff and Club officials should be aware that, when travelling abroad, they are all ambassadors for the Club and for the game of Rugby League in this country. All individuals and facilities should be treated with RESPECT. All players, staff and Club officials should also bear in mind that their Club and others WILL require the use and co-operation of the same hotels, airlines and coach company during this season and in the future. The behaviour of some Clubs is exemplary however others leave a lot to be desired.


The following key points should be stressed to all players, staff and Club officials:

  • Players are expected to be courteous to hotel staff, coach drivers and airport/airline staff at all times.
  • Players are to bear in mind that there are other paying guests in the hotels and these guests are entitled to expect a peaceful and quiet stay in their hotel, and not be subject to excessive noise or upset by rowdy behaviour of any kind, either inside or outside the hotel. All Players, staff and Club officials should be willing to remind fellow travellers of this if necessary.
  • Hotel rooms should be treated with respect and left in a tidy state when the rooms are vacated.
  • Teams should leave the coaches used for training and match/airport transfers free of rubbish. Water bottles, fruit or any other rubbish should not be left on seats, the floor or on luggage racks
  • Players are asked to use the bin bags provided at ALL times. Dirty boots should be left in vehicle luggage compartments and wet/dirty training clothing should be covered in order to protect coach seats.
  • Training facilities are provided on the basis of good will and must be treated with respect. Coaches and Players should behave accordingly and thank any Club staff present.
  • Drinking to excess is to be prohibited and all Players should be made aware in advance of the Club’s disciplinary procedures to which they will be subject should they disregard this instruction.
  • In respect of the management travelling with squads, the Club should appoint a senior person(s) to take responsibility for both enforcing these rules and to handle any incident of misbehaviour. This person should be the Head Coach, Chief Executive or a Club Director.
  • The rules with regard to vehicles and behaviour inside the squad hotel should be repeated to the full squad in a team meeting following arrival at the hotel to ensure that the players all co-operate to ensure a trouble-free trip.
  • Players should be dressed appropriately at all times.
  • All those subject to the Operational Rules are bound by this Code of Conduct and ultimately unacceptable behaviour whilst playing abroad may result in charges of conduct prejudicial to the interests of the game.


It is appreciated that Coaching and playing staff need to focus on training and match preparation, but the principles of RESPECT apply to all public interactions. All Players, support staff and Club Directors should treat people and facilities with RESPECT and make sure that the image of the Club they are representing and the game in this country is enhanced rather than damaged.

Information about culture, religion and local customs can be obtained from the RFL Equality and Diversity Manager.